Woman’s Flower Collection Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth


Woman’s Flower Collection

A lot of eyeglass cleaning cloth with “flowers” as the main design line elements, prints, flowers, etc. will be in this era of frequent appearances in the public women’s vision, but “women’s flowers” eyeglass cleaning cloth is not everyone can master, and choose a bad flower colour, only to play a counterproductive The effect will be counterproductive – it will look very rustic. Come and have a look.

Black is supposed to be a difficult colourway to have a presence in. Black overlays a lot of beauty. For example, people wear grey clothing and black eyeglass cleaning cloth, and obviously grey is more eye-catching. Likewise with eyeglass cleaning cloth, where the colour is bright and attractive. And of course, when it comes to the most tasteful colour, it’s black.



Material: Microfiber,80%polyester 20%polyamide,220gsm
Size: 10*15cm,15*15cm,15*18cm or customized
Color: Any pantone color is acceptable Customized
MQQ: 1000 PCS
Logo Printing: Digital printing ( or Silk printing,embossing, digital printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, drop molding, gravure printing)
Edge Shape: Zigzag edge (or zigzag edge, straight edge right Angle, wavy edge, crescent edge, straight edge rounded corner, lock edge, or customized)
Usage: Protect and clean delicate surfaces, such as glasses, spectacles, sunglasses, goggles, laser record, CDs, LCD screen, camera lens, computer screen, cell phone, jewelry, and so on.



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