Space series full color microfiber cleaning cloth


Space series full color microfiber cleaning cloth

The full-color microfiber cleaning cloth is part of the space series. The theme of astronauts walking in the space brings out a strong sense of the mysterious universe. A variety of new full-color microfiber cleaning cloths, beautifully printed full-color microfiber cleaning cloths, and the use of cosmic elements all reflect the unique and avant-garde full-color microfiber cleaning cloths of the season. Design concept. The overall architectural futuristic and cosmic theme of the product is a perfect visual impact.

“Born for the trend, we provide consumers with fashionable full-color microfiber cleaning cloths, while also advocating a fashionable lifestyle. With the launch of full-color microfiber cleaning cloths, we hope that more people will like our Products, let more people come into contact with our products. Brands.”


Material: Microfiber,80%polyester 20%polyamide,220gsm
Size: 10*15cm,15*15cm,15*18cm or customized
Color: Any pantone color is acceptable Customized
MQQ: 1000 PCS
Logo Printing: Digital printing ( or Silk printing,embossing, digital printing, gold stamping, silver stamping, drop molding, gravure printing)
Edge Shape: Zigzag edge (or zigzag edge, straight edge right Angle, wavy edge, crescent edge, straight edge rounded corner, lock edge, or customized)
Usage: Protect and clean delicate surfaces, such as glasses, spectacles, sunglasses, goggles, laser record, CDs, LCD screen, camera lens, computer screen, cell phone, jewelry, and so on.



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