Cartoon Architectural Series Mirror Pouch Cloth

The Cartoon Architectural Series is a virtual cartoon architectural environment created on a professional computer based on architectural drawings.

Product Description

Cartoon architecture is generally based on architectural design drawings on a professional computer to create a virtual cartoon architectural environment with geographic location, building exterior, building interior decoration, landscaping, supporting facilities, characters, animals, natural phenomena such as wind, rain, thunder, sunrise and sunset, cloud and moon, etc. are all dynamically present in the cartoon architectural environment and can be viewed at any angle.

Microfiber eyewear cloths protect and clean fine surfaces such as glasses, eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, laser records, CDs, LCD screens, camera lenses, computer screens, mobile phones, jewellery and more.


Type Description
Size 10*7.5cm,10*15cm or customized
Material Microfiber ,80%polyester&20%polyamide
Printing Solid color or Digital printing ( or   Silk printing,embossing,  gold stamping, silver stamping, drop molding,   gravure printing)
Color White, light blue or Customized
MOQ 500pcs
Usage Protect and clean delicate surfaces, such   as glasses, spectacles, sunglasses, goggles, laser record, CDs, LCD screen,   camera lens, computer screen, cell phone, jewelry, and so on.


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